Tuesday, August 04, 2015
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Welcome!, Thanks for considering us for your radio promotion and marketing needs. We have assembled a strong network of professionals around the country that effectively handle promotions for their specific markets.

Country Music Marketing

frontpage “Country music is not a genre, it's a culture, and it must be marketed that way”

Country Music Marketing

Reaching today's audience, regardless of the genre, requires strategic approaches to break through the clutter. We have partnered with Nashville based Parlatone, Inc., a highly sought after music marketing firm to

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Country Radio Promotion

frontpage “86% of country music is sold because of the country radio stations in local markets.”

Country Radio Promotions

In today's country music market, secondary radio has become a vital part of breaking new artists and selling records. As major market radio has become more conservative about playing new acts, small markets have become essential for

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Tools of The Trade

frontpage “A superbly designed website with mobile compatibility is key to your success.”

Reach your fans, or someone else will!

A stunning website, with mobile compatibility is essential in reaching today's on-the-go consumer. As a matter of fact, if faced with an "either/or" decision, you should seriously consider a mobile website.

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Customized Marketing Plans

Through our partnership with music marketing firm, Parlatone, Inc. and multimedia company, Twango Media we are able to provide each new and existing client effective solutions for penetrating today's marketplace. An effective radio promotion plan is not complete without an effective marketing strategy to help tie it all toegether. Contact us today to learn more.

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